What could otherwise have been a routinely drab news story was this week transformed into vivid brilliance, as Insurance Age reported that Uvavu has “swooped to appoint a new Head of Fraud for Underwriting, Pricing and Product to boost front-end detection”. This pithily apt poetical imagery seems perfectly to capture the hawklike decisiveness of Uvavu’s new streamlined management structure and – for Bankstone News at least – provides ample reassurance that no front end will pass undetected on Uvavu’s watch.

Uvavu has apparently “unveiled” Anne Grebe who will now be playing the aforementioned role of Head of Fraud for Underwriting, Pricing and Product (or HFUPP, as it is known for short). By taking a firm grip on fraud at the front end, Ms Grebe is expected to help Uvavu “clamp down” on fraud “ across the insurance lifecycle”, crushing everything from newly hatched application frauds to fully fledged claims frauds under the vice-like pressure of its implacably ineluctable fraud press.

Insurance Age reports that Ms Grebe has “garnered expertise in developing and introducing fraud strategies within financial services”, which is sure to come in handy now. Incidentally, should any readers find themselves nonplussed by the technical use of the word garner here, Bankstone News can helpfully point out that garnering involves collecting a thing and storing it away for future use – as in a granary (from the French grenier). Ms Grebe has also apparently “previously delivered anti-bribery and corruption policies”, but she’s sure to have more important things to do in her new job that ferrying documents here and there!

Uvavu’s UK Gerneral Insurance Chief Underwriting Officer (UKGICUO) Axel Foley explained that the insurer has “created this new role within underwriting, pricing and product, bringing together one team to place stronger emphasis on increasing our commitment to front end fraud detection.” Like the sound of one hand clapping, the bringing together of one team sounds a trifle mysterious to Bankstone News, but, let’s face it, a commitment to front end fraud detection can never have too strong an emphasis put upon it. With Ms Grebe’s hand on the front end fraud handle, Foley says, Uvavu can “leverage our expertise and learnings” to put fraud under even greater pressure.

Her appointment is sure to send an unequivocal and chilling message to any would-be claims cheats who happen to be reading Insurance Age this week.


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