This week’s issue of Bankstone News comes to you live and direct from the Insurance Endearance pro-karting event at Daytona Milton Keynes, where spills and thrills have been the order of the day from beginning to end.

While others endured the predicatable tedium of the prestigious Broker Awards ceremony in the dingy bowels of the City of London’s Brewery beer halls, Bankstone Racing, Bankstone News and some other people enjoyed the bright MK sunshine and a thrilling six (yes, six!) full hours of adrenaline fuelled antics out on the kart track.

Shame for anyone to miss out on such fun. Particularly regrettable, Bankstone Supremo Dickon Tysoe noted, that teams from Easi Drive, RTR (Road to Ruin), Fourth Dimension and Compass Costs had ultimately missed out on this great day out.

We’ll be bringing you a full report on this fantastic day’s motorsports in next week’s edition – together with the results and placings of a race that is still in progress as Bankstone News goes to press. We can already reveal however that Bankstone Racing have once again won the hard-fought pitstop challenge – see previous issues – by changing all four tyres on an F1 car a full four seconds faster than any other team. Whether triumph awaits in the main event is somewhat less certain.

Those who drive outrageously at such events are generally well advised not to draw attention to themselves through their manner of attire. This lesson was clearly lost on one member of the Adrian Flux team who caught the eye – and indeed the ire – of track marshals by shunting other karts aside with gay abandon – all the while dressed as Spiderman. Not subtle.

Whilst Daytona’s new karts performed superby, reaching previously unimaginable speeds and generally slowing down a bit when brakes were applied, strong contenders Lamp Champs had some rotten luck with their kart when the engine twice blew up, forcing them to come in for trackside repairs and losing them their hard won number 2 position – at least temporarily. Andrew Gordon of legal expenses insurance firm Lamp, noted ruefully that his team, which had achieved two first places and two second places in six previous outings, might now struggle to secure a podium place. More importantly, he recalled how he had featured as an extra in Steven Spielberg’s Warhorse two summers back after a choir he sang in was picked to feature in an ultimately cut scene during the six-day Castle Coombe location shoot.

But we digress… As Bankstone News went to press were in first place with Lamp Champs having hauled themselves back up the field into second place. Can the leaders hold them off for another 2 hrs? Only time will tell…


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