A court action reported this week by Insurance Times has helped uncover how money-grubbing police forces have for years been fleecing decent hard working insurance companies with trumped up storage charges for vehicles held while criminal investigations are underway.

It seems one insurer, Uvavu, has finally had enough and is taking the matter to court. In a cynical bid to fund their so-called “crime-fighting” lifestyles, fat cat Warwickshire cops held one Uvavu policyholder’s Corsa for a whopping 77 days (while they claimed they were investigating a “possible” offence of causing death by dangerous driving) and then tried to charge Uvavu an absurdly inflated £20 per day for “storing” the Corsa!

Faced with a bill for £1,540 – which will inevitably put up the premiums paid by ordinary working Brits to insure their cars – Uvavu have decided to take the matter all the way to the High Court of Great UK, where they are seeking their money back – plus £500 for “good measure”. If the case goes in Uvavu’s favour, it could set a precedent that will put an end to this vile practice once and for all!

High time too, says Bankstone News, if motor insurers are forced to bankroll the exploits of police forces up and down the land – to the tune of an estimated “millions” every year – how are they ever going to reduce the premiums ordinary hardworking motorists have to pay?

If the police want to stockpile RTA vehicles while they “investigate” alleged crimes, they can jolly well pay for it themselves – or cut back on some of their other extravagances like traipsing about all day yakking into walkie-talkies.

How refreshing to see that the worm has finally turned and stood up proudly for its rights.


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