We have further motorsporting exploits to report this week, after Bankstone Racing leading light Andy “the silver fish” Jones beat off a stiff challenge from former racing driver and erstwhile BBC Top Geek presenter Tiffany Dell to clinch a triumphant second place in the 20 minute kart race in which a Cisco Systems track day at Blyton Park on 19 September culminated.

The Jones was there in the newly created roll of Bankstone IT Procurement Manager as the “plus-one” of Bankstone IT manager Simon Gould. As well as squeezing out and holding off Mr Needles in the kart race, AJ drove an Aston Martin DB9, which suited him very well indeed, he afterwards declared, and a Mazda MX5.

During the course of a fantastic day’s motorsports, he also had the pleasure of passenging a supercharged Ariel Atom, an M440 Noble, a Caterham R400, an Audi R8, a Vauxhall Chevette (yes, really!), and a Radical – about whose acceleration, cornering, braking, thrill factor, and, indeed, everything else he has not ceased enthusing since.

To compensate for his crushing defeat at the hands of Kartmeister Jones (Did we mention that yet? What – who won it? “Some pie dodger” is all we can tell you.”), Tuff Needles had the consolation of firsting in the Mazda MX5 auto test – so he needn’t feel too bad about being beaten off by the Duke of Jones, who only nudged Needles’ kart very lightly on that fateful bend, just for the record.

Jones (right) : magnanimous in victory


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