For those whose idea of a dream team comprises Katie “Jordan” Price, Roy “Chubby” Brown, Jo “The Chesterfield Straddler” Guest and Garry “Amazing Talking Anus” Bushell, the passing of esrtwhile satellite subscription channel Men & Motors must have come as a cruel blow. Terminated in April 2010 to make way for ITV1HD, M&M combined on-the-cheap motoring and motorsports coverage by day with soft core pornography and hard core misogyny by night. What, as our American cousins and those who ape them are wont to ask, is not to like?

By an entirely trivial and inconsequential coincidence, the substance – such as there is – of the following story also relates to men and motors. Specifically it concerns the modern male’s apparent readiness to lie and cheat when it comes to making motor insurance claims. A new and doubtless exhaustive study from comparators reveals that 14% of UK males would consider making a fraudulent insurance claim and that around one in five would pretend their stolen car was locked even if it wasn’t.

The research suggested that men, who readers will recall are from Mars (which neatly rhymes with cars), are significantly more prone to lying and cheating than women, who are from Venus (Bankstone News is completely unable to think of a word that rhymes with Venus). Whereas 4% of men said they would “fabricate damage” (whether with their imaginations or a tyre iron is not entirely clear) to inflate their claim, just 1% of the fair sex would do the same. Without wishing to come over all Men & Motors, however, it has to be said that women (with or without their flimsy undergarments on) are not entirely blameless, with one in ten admitting they would consider faking it at the point of claim.

Meanwhile research from the Association of Brutish Insurers (ABI) recently found that (some readers may have heard this before) claims for the entirely spurious, fictional and otherwise made-up injury whitewash cost insurers more than £2bn in 2011. “If whiplash was an Olympic sport,” joked the ABI’s head of motors Jimmy Dalton, “the UK would be gold medallists!”

“Honesty is the best policy when it comes to making a claim,” urged Petey Harrison “Car Insurance Expert” at, as a venal nation abruptly stopped reading and looked away to another story highlighting research from YouGov suggesting that just 25% of Brits trust their MPs not to cheat on their expenses.


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