Bankstone’s Dixon Tyson and AJ Jones were both among the great and the good assembled at London’s prestigious Riverbank Plaza Hotel for the 2012 Personal Injury Awards.

Amongst a fiercely competitive field of severe and horrific injuries, those signaled out by the judges included somebody called Quentin who scooped the prize for Meditator of the Year, Bill Braithelwhaitle (Barrista of the Year), Thirst4Lawyers (CMC of the Ear) and ARAG for providing insurance or some such.

Patrick Kielty hosted, sneering cheerily at all the frumps and overstuffed DJs stepping up to grab their gongs, spoiling their winners photos with his mincey gurning, and trotting out some edgy gags like: what’s an Irishman to do in London now Poles have all the building work and Moslems have the terror franchise.

Food was eaten. Booze drunk. Hands shaken. Usual kind of thing, really.

You probably had to be there.


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