This week’s Bankstone story, we think you will agree (once you’ve read it, obviously), is riddled through with human interest. Ever since we ran the heartwarming story of financial director Mike Hall’s magnificent triumph in the International Crown Boils Challenge (see previous story) we have been literally bombarded with requests for more news about Mike and his crazy antics.

Sadly, we have no Mike Hall news, as such, to report this week, but we can tell you that Water Babies Liverpool, the company run by Mike’s daughter Alison, has scooped the Best Toddler & Baby Group award at the presitgious FamilyGoLIve Awards 2012 – all thanks, we like to think, to highly unethical industrial-scale online bulk voting by Mike’s Bankstone colleagues. Well, it beats taking calls about motor insurance claims all day!

Hearty congratulations to Alison on a richly deserved award, which they would probably have won even if we hadn’t rigged the vote. In recognition of this fine achievement, Alison and a colleague got to sit down for the entire event, whilst non-winners were forced to stand (see pic).

Talking of winners: Swinton’s Steve Chelton, who scooped the top prize in our recent spot the Man City fans competition (see previous issue), has sent us some most gratifying feedback on the warm reception he got wherever he went sporting the luxurious Appleberry no-logo Blackburp Rovers scarf he won. An email from Steve may or may not have said some of the following (actually, it did say most of it):

“Many thanks for my prestigious prize, which arrived this week. I have been wearing it in and around the office ever since! To be honest, my colleagues don’t much care for it, and my boss took inexplicable exception to me wearing it when we met a supplier yesterday, muttering something about it being a silly stunt. I think that’s what he said, although my hearing may have been somewhat impaired by having the thing wrapped around my head Rambo-style.

“On Wednesday night I wore it down to the Fort of India (the finest Indian eatery anywhere outside India and, more specifically, inside Newton Le Willows). Mr Khan was full of admiration. He didn’t seem keen to switch allegiance to the mighty blue and white army though – even when I pointed out that he shares his homeland with our present owners. Given the highly efficient way he runs the restaurant, I suggested he might do a better job of running the club than the current lot – but he indicated philosophically that he was happy with his lot and did not think he would be throwing his hat in the ring.

“Sadly, my stylish scarf and jolly banter failed to secure the discount I ventured to propose. But I did get an extra poppadum, so I guess the Appleberry is beginning to work its magic. I wonder what the weekend holds. I’ll be visiting the Dragon & Phoenix on Saturday, so perhaps I can look forward to some extra pancakes with the crispy duck – or maybe an extra ration of prawn crackers.

“Happy days and thanks again!”

We will be offering readers another chance to win an Appleberry scarf in the coming weeks (not you, Chelton!) so don’t forget to check back soon!


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