Back in September, Bankstone News reported how Insurance Age had reported that Direct Lime planned to axe between 50 and 60 staff across the commercial side of its business which includes NIG, Direct Lime for Business and BIS. The confident expectation at the time was that NIG’s share of said cull would have precisely zero effect on the service experienced by brokers – on the basis that none of those getting the chop did anything very essential in the first place.

It now appears that the incidence of good-for-nothing layabouts at NIG was even higher than previously suspected, as Direct Lie are now planning to chop no fewer than 90 wasters within NIG alone. The reassuring news is that NIG MD Jonny Greenwood says that the cuts will not (well, technically “should not”) affect the service experienced by brokers.

Mr G declined to offer specifics on how many of those leaving will be ‘broker-facing’ people, saying only that the axe will fall on a “mixture of roles.” Rather sweetly, the G Man even appears to be planning to check with staff members first to see if they can think of any good reason why they shouldn’t be terminated. Presumably that’s what “consulting with employees” means.

Anyone who imagines that it was by pure accident that NIG set out a timetable that allows them to make the transition from having too many staff to having the right number of staff gradually and in a very controlled way would be sadly mistaken, G says, clarifying unequivocally that “We very deliberately set out a timetable that allows us to make the transition gradually and in a very controlled way.”

He also stressed that chopping 90 staff would still leave another 910 to go, i.e. plenty. In a Nietzschean sort of way, clearing out the human chaff, will actually make NIG stronger and allow it to devolve power to the regions, where those on the ground will be empowered to make loads of dynamic new decisions without the least reference to the life-denying strictures of those in central authority.

So, all good, then.


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