Christmas is the perfect time to be thinking charitable thoughts. If your charity juices are starting to brim in Pavlovian anticipation of a full-scale overflowing come Yuletide proper, perhaps you’d like to spare a thought for Kerry Garner, West Yorkshire Regional Fundraiser with lifesaving as-seen-on-TV air ambulance operating charity YAA.

Poor unsuspecting Kerry has rashly committed herself to calling in on Bankstone HQ on 19 December, when Bankstone staff are being sponsored to wear romper suits, or onesies, as they are now generally known for an entire day.

For one day only, the Bankstone Team will be swapping ill-fitting slacks and Mötörhead teeshirts for these cosy but questionably practical one-piece garments to raise money that will help keep YAA’s choppers in the air.

What manner of spectacle will greet the unfortunate Kerry when she arrives? To save your mind from undirected bogglage, we present below a few visual pointers.

First up we have an artist’s impression of how Bankstone Supremo Dickon Tysoe will appear on the day (minus the specs – you’ll have to imagine those for yourself):

And here’s an idea of how Dickon’s Co-Supremo AJ “Andy” Jones will look, i.e. characteristically dapper:

With the heating turned up as high as it currently is, some members of staff will doubtless be opting for skimpier one-pieces such as that worn by Sean Connery in the epic adventure flick Zardoz or this other thing modelled by some wiry old hippy out shopping:

Other, female, team members will probably look at bit like this:

And not like this, because to suggest as much would be blatantly wrong on multiple simultaneous levels:

Speaking of sexy, which we weren’t obviously, just to be clear, Bankstone News editor Davy-Jane McManus will be sporting his famous transparent plastic onesie, which (since this is a family weekly email newsletter) we have chosen not to represent pictorially here.

Why not wear a onesie to work yourself on the 19th? (n.b. please don’t actually send us a list on the many perfectly sensible reasons why not). Get yourself sponsored (either to wear or promise not to wear a onesie for the day) or – if your friends and colleagues don’t respond well to last minute charity requests – simply cough up a fiver yourself and donate it to the YAA via our just online donation thing, which you will find by scrolling up a bit and looking over to the left this story.

Watch this space early in the new year for actual images.

In the meantime, here’s wishing you a very Happy Christmas and a Merry New Year from everyone (yes, everyone) at Bankstone News.


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