Avid watchers of the Medieval Monkeys totaliser (below left) may have noticed that the total raised towards funding another day’s flying for one of the YAA’s lifesaving choppers has leapt up from 91% to a princely 92% over the Christmas period. This leap is attributable almost entirely to the sterling efforts of the Bankstone HQ team, literally several of whom dressed up in onesies to raise much needed extra funding for those Helicopter Heroes. No further images of this event, sadly, will now be published in these pages in view of the potential shock and offence they might cause to readers of a more sensible disposition.

Perhaps you might wish to contribute a few of your own e-pounds in the interests of putting us out of our misery and allowing us to start this year’s fundraising with a nice clean 0% again? Simply click on the JustGiving thingy (below left, as previously mentioned) a get giving.

Many thanks, also, to all those readers who didn’t enter our pre-Christmas round-up some new subscribers competition. Thanks to your outstanding and uniform indolence, Bankstone News had the unalloyed pleasure of feeding its pug-ugly face indecently full of all manner of exotic and delicious provender from the Fortnum’s hamper at which all you doubting Thomases and Thomasina’s turned your no doubt charming and elegantly formed noses.

All you would have had to do was rustle up a single new reader and that pleasure could have been yours. Bet you feel pretty sick now! Although possibly not as sick as Bankstone News felt after too-rapidly ingesting a palpable surfeit of foie gras, Sauternes, caviar, brandy snaps, Stilton and stuffed dates.

Happy New Year, by the way. and look out for more easily ignorable competitions in the coming months.


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