OK, we don’t normally do this sort of thing, but frankly Bankstone News has no idea what else to write about this week… So brace yourselves, stand back – you might even want to put some ear plugs in – we are about to blow our own trumpet. Or, more precisely, we are about to blow the trumpet of our beloved parent (does that sound wrong?) Bankstone Ltd.

Every week Bankstone is literally bombarded with fulsome plaudits of one kind or another on its literally peerless handling of clients’ inbound claims calls. Customer satisfaction score cards come back marked with an interminable tedium of serried wall-to-wall 10s (that’s 10 out of 10, by the way, where ten is utterly marvelous and 1 is total sh1te).

The anecdotal bits read just as pleasingly, of course. This very week for example – which is what made us think of including this shameful piece of puffery, obviously enough – one Bankstone client forwarded this charming bit of feedback which kind of illustrates the point:

I rang regarding an accident in which I was involved in. The staff where very friendly and helpful. I am very pleased (and even a little surprised) at how quickly every one responded to my initial call and how much has been done so far. I have subsequently recommended [client name] to several friends.

So there you have it – how to get new customers without advertising (see separate story) get Bankstone in to “professionally handle” your claims!


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