This week – for one week only (possibly) – Bankstone News takes you on a fantastic journey into the realm of sound.

Readers often tell us what a chore it is to read Bankstone News. Naturally, we wanted to do something about this. Many readers suggested we could simply stop sending them the bloody thing. Particularly those who have unsubscribed. Often many times.

But at Bankstone News, we like to think outside the box. There’s more room to move around out here – and it’s easier to concentrate when you’re not on your own in the dark constantly worrying about things like witches and cheese and the end of the world. Plus: there’s been a bit of a weird smell in there, recently.

Anyway… we’ve been doing some thinking, and here’s what we thought. We thought we’d ask some of our readers if they could think of anything we could do to make Bankstone News work even harder for them as a valued and trusted source of timely news and comment that actively supports and complements them in their busy lives today.

I must say it was both stimulating and challenging to engage with some of the very forthright and direct suggestions readers offered. But finally someone (you know who you are) came up with what sounded to us a bit like one of those brain wave things.

That idea – and we think you’re really going to like this – was why not create an audio version of Bansktone News – so people can listen to it in their cars as they drive endlessly around the country from one pointless and dispiriting meeting to another.

So that’s exactly what we’ve done. Now you can listen again and again to all your favourite stories from this week’s issue on the digital audio listening device of your choice.

Frankly, it’s been a terrible faff putting it all together. But we’ve roped in some very talented voice artists to give it all a unique look and feel – well, more of a sound really. And now we’re relying on you to tell us what you think. If enough of you like what you hear, then we’ll maybe do some more – we might even turn it into a proper podcast or something. But if you tell us it’s a waste of time, we promise never to do it again.

Please send all your lavishly complimentary comments to [email protected]. Or you can call me if you insist – but I’ll probably just pretend I can’t hear you or I’m going into a tunnel or something.

Anyway, hope you enjoy it. And if it doesn’t work – or you can’t get it on your iPod or whatever – don’t blame me – it’s all somebody else’s fault. I’ll probably fire them in the morning.

Listen to this story as a sound file here: welcome-to-our-world


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