It’s a very exciting time at BLD, the firm’s CEO Jason (J-Man) Richards recently remarked. And he’s not kidding! Bankstone News has received no fewer than three press releases from the thrusting Ringwood-HQ’d bike-related business in the space of barely a week.

With so many exciting developments to take in all at once, Bankstone News was at serious risk of becoming a little confused, but – you know us, Dear Reader – we’ve crafted a deftly succinct distilation of all the latest BLD News below. And if you don’t like that, you can always look at their website and hear it from the horse’s mouth, so to speak.

If anyone ever doubted that BLD have, as their press release puts it “always followed the doctrines of their memorable strap line, “Staffed by Bikers. Managed by Bikers. For Bikers.” Then doubt it more more! The fact that they have always followed the doctrines of their memorable strapline is “even more evident with the launch of a new online shop geared towards motorcyclists.”

The new online shop caters to “the general and practical needs of the average biker” – which is clearly good news, especially if you are a biker and you are quite, you know, average. The new online shop also include a feature called – we think, possibly – One Stoppie Shoppie, where BLD’s near-legendary standard bearer Dave Stoppie recommends things he thinks average bikers will like.

“It’s a very exciting time at BLD,” comments BLD CEO Jason Richards. “We couldn’t be more delighted.”

With their new online shop to run and everything, it’s hardly surprising that BLD have been on the lookout for a fresh pair of hands to help out. And by all accounts hands don’t come any fresher than those of new BLD recruit Dave “David” Hancox. Prior to joining BLD, the press release reveals Dave went “through a variety of commercial management roles within Aviva” and more recently spent more than five years with Driver Cyst, whose recent demise must have come as a merciful reprieve for long-serving Dave.

“I am really pleased to be joining BLD at an exciting point in its development and growth. I am hoping that I can use my knowledge and relationships to work with Jason and the rest of the management team,” Dave comments, going on to say some other stuff we simply haven’t got room for here if we are ever going to get on to that third press release as well.

This tells us that BLD recently bought something called The Mega M.A.X. System. Whatever this does, Bankstone News immediately twigged, it is clearly something BIG! “Yes, but what does it do?”, you might ask, as if there were the least prospect of getting a sensible answer out of Bankstone News! Short (but probably wrong) answer: it reduces the proportion of damaged bikes that need to be written off.

“How does it do that?”, you might persist with bothersome tenacity. Well, according to the press release: “David is a chartered accountant having qualified with Deloitte and Touche and held a number of senior finance roles prior to joining Aviva.” No that’s not it. Hang on! It’s something based on a “sturdy platform” that will in future “include integration of some high profile brands which will expand the shop’s reach even further.” No, wait, that’s not it either.

Well, it’s a CMS, basically, which means Content Management System or Call Management System or Chronic Mountain Sickness or something – and apparently BLD are the only company in the UK to have one. Hang on, it’ll be one one of these bits of paper somewhere…

Here we go! The Mad M.A.X. Syndrome “enables BLD to take highly precise measurements of a bike’s framework and chassis without the need for disassembly work on most bikes. Measurements can be taken within 10 minutes from start to finish and the results are not affected by the state of the front fork. Blah… Blah…”

Basically, it seems that because BLD can now measure things really really accurately without taking everything apart, they can see which bits are actually bent and only replace them and not just write the whole thing off because various bits of it might or might not be bent and it’s too risky to chance it.

Pretty impressive, huh?

“This is a very exciting time at BLD,” comments BLD CEO Jason Richards. And you know he’s right!


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