Some people just can’t wait until Christmas to unwrap their presents, can they. In the very near future injured persons will have little or no protection against the cost of pursuing claims against insurance firms and hence will be strongly incentivised to accept any derisory offer the insurer cares to dangle in front of their frustrated little faces.

That golden age can’t dawn a minute too soon for Sabre Insurance who have been referred to the FSA for attempting to persuade claimants to abandon the support of ATE policies and/or CFAs in return for a 10% uplift on whatever settlement they may reach without the benefit of such protection from costs (i.e. putting themselves in a similar position to that in which they will find themselves come 1 April).

For some reason, ATE insurers Elite are getting all arsey about Sabre writing to claimants and their solicitors and encouraging the former to cancel their ATE policies. Now the sensitive souls at Elite have written the FSA and the Law Society, crying foul over Sabre’s attractive and generous offer.

“We have not seen anything this bad before,” claimed Elite man Jason Smarts of Sabre’s perfectly reasonable attempt to encourage cancellation of Elite’s and other ATE providers’ policies and its prudent and timely advice to claimants that they should act before the 14-day cooling off period expires during which they can bin their ATE policies without paying a penny – and thus qualify for a handsome 10% uplift on whatever damages they end up with without costs protection.

Sabre Claims director Trevor Webby can’t see what all the fuss is about: “We are looking to provide injured claimants with enhanced damages. How is that a dirty trick?”, he said probably in a New Yorky kind of voice – all OTT innocence like that wolf in Grandma’s nightcap in the first Shrek movie.


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