Exciting news this week for fans of the UK insurance industry’s premier karting event, Insurance Endurance. Bankstone News can exclusively reveal that we are in a position to confirm that an exciting announcement will be made next week by host circuit Daytona Milton Keynes concerning radical and exciting changes to the format of the event for 2013.

Anyone who attended last year’s event will certainly remember it as an event to remember. Who could forget all the corporate thrills and spills of that unforgettable day out on the track? If it’s you, you can read all about it right here. We cannot yet reveal what exciting changes are in store for those attending this year’s Insurance Injurance, but we just know you’re going to love them!

Another exciting initiative for this year is that we are planning to avoid scheduling the event on the same day as a major insurance awards ceremony to which anyone who is anyone is invited. We call it ‘SMARTplanning’. But even Bankstone News doesn’t know everything, so we want you to help us plan even ‘SMARTer’ by telling us the following:

Q: Is there anything in your diary that would prevent you attending the insurance industry’s premier karting event on any of the Fridays between May 2013 and September 2013.

A: Please send your answers to editor@bankstone-news.co.uk

You don’t need to tell us exactly what you’re doing if it’s, like, personal or secret or embarrassing or whatever (just put ‘RNS’ if you’d rather not say), but we are particularly keen to be reminded of key events like the Duke of Cavendish’s Preserves Parade or the end of the world that might keep large numbers away.

Need a ‘hint’ to get you started? OK: are you for example likely to get called up to play in the British and Irish Loins tour of Australia between 1 June and 6 July? Have you got tickets for Wimbledon on 28 June or the 5 July – or the Cricket, whenever that is. Will you be flying out to Malmö for the Eurovision Song Contest on 17 May? Will you be at Ascot on 21 June. Or – just supposing – might you be planning to attend the UK Broking Awards 2013 on 6 September? You get the general idea.

Please do let us know, because you are quite genuinely the most important person in the world to us and we would hate for you not to be there!

Watch out for further exciting announcements in next week’s issue!


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