China has a new leader. The Catholic church has a new leader. Hell, even BIBA has one – or at least it will come May 1 – and it’s Steve White, a man with a personality so vibrant he once scooped the coveted (if mildly oxymoronic) Compliance Personality of the Year award.

In a press release issued today BIBA chairman Andy Homeboy claimed to be pleased (not delighted, note) to announce Whitey’s selection as Chief Exec, adding quickly that the cruelly spurned Graeman Trudgehill will join the BIBA main board with the title Executive Director, making him only slightly less important than Whitey.

Following a search which Homeboy described as “extensive” BIBA eventually gave up and settled for Whitey who had be waiting patiently in his compliance and training role all along. The Whitester said he was “delighted to be given the chance to follow in the footsteps of” outgoing Chief Exec Eric “Prehistoric” Gallbreath.

Gallbreath, who insists it is “a pleasure to be handing the reins over” to Whitey, is certainly not going out without a fight. He is fighting with insurers over their niggardly reluctance to pay claims, fighting aggregators for encouraging policyholders to focus on price, fighting policyholders for their “unhealthy” obsession with price, and fighting, most of all, with the long and complicated words his PR people keep asking him to read out in public.

Does Whitey have the warrior spirit to follow in those courageously combative footsteps? Only time will tell!


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