Anyone who thought Steve “Whitey” White, BIBA’s newly anointed CEO elect was going to be a big old pussy cat is in for a nasty surprise. Tossing back his mighty head, the former Compliance Personality of the Year this week announced himself to the market in no uncertain terms, vowing to show implacable courage in the face of anything and everything the future may throw at him.

“Rrrrraaaarrrrghhhh!”, he might as well have said, pledging to represent his members courageously and to fight for their rights every step of the way.

At severe and constant risk of tripping over his own dauntless feet in an effort to suggest that he would be making a rather more courageous fist of things than his predecessor, Eric ‘Reckless Eric’ Gallbreath, without in any way appearing to criticise the outgoing regime, Whitey told Insurance Age this week “Courage: that’s what it takes to stand up and speak, but also to sit down and listen and that’s what we will do. That’s not to say we have not done that in the past, but we will be looking forward to doing that a little more.”

“I don’t see a fundamentally different approach,” he continued super-tactfully, but, he suggested, “subtle changes will maybe make us a bit more visible to members out in the regions.”

“It would be good,” he ventured, “to be perhaps a little bit more face to face with our members.” Provided his fearfully mighty countenance does not altogether overwhelm and overawe them, BIBA members will no doubt experience a bit of face to face with the courageous Whitey as a refreshing blast of fresh air after ten year of Gallbreath. Only time will tell, of course!


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