When it comes to corporate branding, you might think Aon or AIG or ACE (or whoever it is that sponsors those footballing people who appear to believe black socks are acceptable with white shorts) have got quite a high profile. You might think rebranding a major sporting venue as the Brit (or, as it is now, the Ex-Pat) Oval is a big deal. Or sponsoring all the rugby, like those OBE people. But wait til you get a load of what Examworks have done with this baby (see illustration below)!

Yes, when it comes to making your brand stand out in today’s busy world, where consumers are literally bombarded with billions of brand messages every second of every day, the way to get well and truly noticed is by getting a monkey bike resprayed and badged with your corporate ‘look’ and then – ideally – spending the weekend of 29-30 June this year riding it all around Yorkshire.

Think you could never possibly afford to avail yourself of such an exceptional branding possibility? Think again! For just £785 including VAT‚ with one year’s road tax paid up front, you can have your very own fully branded monkey bike in fully road-ready condition – provided you agree to participate in this year’s Medieval Monkey’s event.

Medieval what?, you may ask (it’s allowed). Well, over the aforementioned weekend of 29-30 June Bankstone and friends (a term we use loosely and advisedly, obviously) are planning to ride a flotilla of these ludicrously undersized bikes the length and breadth of Yorkshire, stopping at assorted castles and abbeys and hopefully raising thousands of pounds for life-saving charity Yorkshire Air Ambulance (YAA).

There are many different ways to get involved, but the best way is to do what we just told you to do and get yourselves an amazing bargain on a fully branded bike, courtesy of our friends at CG Chell and mount up with us come 29 June.

For further details of this amazing corporate branding/charity riding opportunity, contact Decent Dick Tysoe at [email protected]


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