Preparations for this year’s Insurance Endurance karting event have shifted up a gear or two of late. There’s even talk of a firm date being set sometime soon.

Of particular interest to all those whom wild horses could not prevent from attending the UK’s premier insurance-related corporate karting event will be the news that this year sees a number of exciting format changes.

Sadly one of these involves the introduction of a new set of rules for ever popular pitstop challenge specially designed to prevent the Bankstone Racing team from winning, as it habitually does. So fiendishly complex are the proposed new rules – which see teams of three going head to head as they change tyres on opposite sides of a clapped out F1 racer parked trackside in some kind of multi-stage tournament – that Bankstone Racing stands not the least chance of understanding them, let alone triumphing under them.

Among other proposed rules changes are a short cut which teams are allowed to use once every hour (with harsh penalties for doing so more frequently), teams being allowed (once per hour) to switch directional signage in the manner of Dick Dastardly so as to send rivals the wrong way, and teams being allowed (again once per hour maximum) to walk across the circuit with a canvas depicting clear track ahead, behind which they are permitted to deploy police-style stingers (not a musical reference).

If you have any suggestions of your own, please do not hesitate to let us know. Stand by for further Insurance Endurance News coming soon – including maybe even a date. So keep you diaries handy!


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