Motor insurers just can’t stop chasing the ladies.

Back at the end of last year it seemed so-called lady drivers were going to have all kinds of hell penalised out of them thanks to sex equality lunacy imposed on sane old Britain by mad-bad meddling Brussels bureaucrats.

But female policyholders renewing now are barely paying more than they would have paid a year ago. ‘What’s going on?’, demanded substantial news organ the Telegraph this week.

Weirdly, they asked formerly swinging fashion retail legends BIBA, who told reporter James Fox All that premiums “for younger female drivers did initially rise by up to 40 per cent. But then competition saw premiums drop back to a 5 to 13 per cent increase.”

Ian Crawdad of the Alcoholics Anonymous told the Telegraph he expects lady premiums to continue downwards, opining that female drivers “renewing at the end of the year, those who last renewed their cover just before the gender law came in, will make the greatest savings.”

Mr Crawdad suggested that, in a perverse way, not being allowed to look at ladies from a sex point of view any more may actually have stimulated motor underwriters. He believes they are now beginning to look at factors such as the type of car people drive, with small cheap ones looking particularly attractive.

So whatever dreams underwriters might once have cherished about creaming a handsome sex equality dividend off the back of the EU Gander Directive are fast heading out of the window, as motor insurers topple over one another in a headlong race for volume lady business.

Or perhaps it’s just that everybody’s premiums are coming down, thanks to HMG’s cracking the whip on claims fraud – with the prospect of further amazing discounts if they manage to get a German-style minimum impact speed for whiplash claims of say 90mph.

BIBA’ s message is clear says Graeme Trudgall, there’s never been a better time to shop around – using BIBA’s patent ‘find a broker’ online broker location solution.



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