The sun is shining. Birds are singing. Probably. Not in Brighouse obviously. But they’re sure to be singing somewhere. It’s that sort of day. Friday as well. So that’s good. Bansktone News was just reading in Insurance Ape about how brokers up and down the land are all overbrimming with optimism and all round good cheer, according to some survey by the Confederacy of Brutish Industry. So that’s good too. End of story. Time for another drink.


Apparently that wasn’t long enough, so we’ve been sent back to write a bit more. So here it is, then, an in-depth look at how brokers are all happy and confident and so forth.

Frankly, Bankstone News can’t see there’s very much to add. Not after three or was it four rounds of our new productivity boosting Aldi Brandy Challenge drinking game (see earlier stories).

According to the characteristically impenetrable prose of Insurance Age editor Immanuel Kent, the CBI report says that “the percentage of brokers more optimistic about the overall business situation was 15 points ahead of those who were less optimistic.”

If you expect Bankstone News to get its head around that one at this time on a Friday afternoon, after most of a bottle of brandy and half a dozen cans of SB, you are most certainly ‘having a laugh’ – especially when the sun-soaked litter-strewn ‘lawns’ of Perkin’s Piece round the back of Aldi beckon every more siren-like with their alluring promise of horizontality, repose, and an invitingly moderate incidence of used condoms, abandoned drug paraphernalia, faeces and the like.

The latest edition of the CBI’s Financial Serves Survey found that brokers business volumes had not fallen during the quarter to June – although brokers had previously predicted a ‘strong rise’. Optimism undented, however, they are now predicting a strong rise next quarter. Profitabiity was down a bit, but expected to rise nest quart. Optimism is a fine thing. When you has enough opotimism, thing like FCA thematic reviews into conflicts of interest hold no terrorr.

Basicarly, good news is, brokers are more optimistic than they have been in any of the last three gorious years. If that’s not cause for a cerebratory drink, Bankstone News woudl ver much like to… hang on – surely thats bottle not empty already. Amd is still anothher story to write .


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