Readers may remember how the ABI called last year for young people to be banned from driving after 11pm. Some commentators at the time expressed the view that this might be a little harsh. Au contraire, insists a large proportion of the Great British Public: young people should be banned from driving all together.

The shock findings of academically impeccable research carried out by vehicle racketing company British Carp Actions (BCA) this week revealed that no less than 35% of Brits believe the minimum driving age should be increased, with almost half specifying 21 as an appropriate time in life for youngsters to be allowed behind the wheel.

This would, of course, be great news for motor insurers who would no longer have to pay the huge volume of claims that result from young people’s notorious competence-deficit/confidence-surplus combo. They would also save a great deal of time and effort they would otherwise have had to expend in providing under 21s with motor insurance policies in the first place.

Such a move would also provide a considerable fillip for public transport and taxi services and stop all this black box/curfew nonsense in its tracks. Bankstone News for one believes that young people – and indeed everything else – should be banned altogether. With immediate effect.



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