Every so once in a while, Bankstone News likes to prove that it is more than just an idiotically nonsensical so-called newsletter about UK motor insurance and related subjects and to underline our credentials as an idiotically nonsensical so-called newsletter about motor insurance and related subjects – worldwide!

For the latest in our occasional series of special international reports, we did briefly consider discussing the significance of US teens’ growing disenchantment with their formerly defining commitment to automobiles and the driving thereof. Had we done so, we might have told you that a mere 28% of US teens now bother to get a driver’s licence (as our cousins across The Pond will insist on calling them) at age 16, compared with 44% in the 1980s.

But that sounded a bit boring, so instead we bring you the following carefully selected stories from sunny Italy. Their significance in the present context, we feel sure, can hardly fail to escape Bankstone News readers. It has certainly escaped us so far.

Vandals in Mirano Italy have knocked down one of those bright orange speed camera type things in the Via Scaltenigo. Sad to say, the camera in question, an example of the well-known Velo OK kerbside kind, had its concrete base completely ripped from the ground.

Meanwhile, in Quartu Sant’Elena, Cagliari, vandals recently covered the lenses of several speed cameras with black spray paint. Bankstone News normally tries to shield its readers from such distressing details, but, with the profoundest regret, we feel bound to report here that local press reports recorded that the Sardinian vandals also “drew a penis on the device”.

We can only be thankful such shameful things could surely never happen here!



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