In an ideal world all forms of insurance would, of course, be compulsory. Sadly, very few are. Even the ones that are (specifically, motor insurance) too often get opted out of by misfits on the margins of society. Thankfully, crack police teams are stepping in to put a brake on premium dodgers’ antisocial antics.

In Staffordshire* alone, police have seized 500 uninsured vehicles in just three months. Such initiatives are welcome, of course, but count for little without a media-friendly name. Just as well, then, that Staffs cops have come up with the instantly unforgettable “Cars Behind Bars” tag for their premium dodging crack-down.

Thanks to newfangled Automatic Numberplate Upload Systems, “People who drive without insurance have nowhere to hide,” trumped Staffordshire Police and Crime Commissioner Matthew Alias. “They are being caught and dealt with,” he confided reassuringly, with “their cars seized and in some cases scrapped.”

“It’s about fairness for law-abiding motorists,” he explained, noting that, if bad people weren’t going to pay insurance premiums, someone else would have to be made to pay them instead. Thankfully today’s Big Brother surveillance technology will soon put an end to this an all other forms of law floutage.


* A real place somewhere near the “Midlands”


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