The law is a very high thing, Bankstone News learned this week.

Is it higher than the Queen?, you might wonder. Why, yes. It is. Is it higher than Prime Minister David Cameron, for example, or the Archbishop of Canterbury, or Jesus Christ Our Lord?, you might ask. Most certainly, all of them, and everyone else for that matter. What, is the law even higher than robo-giraffe footballer Peter Croucher?, you might finally demand to know. Yes, even he!

In fact, as no less an authority than Aztec West, top man at Men In Black (MIB) confirmed this week, “No-one is above the law”.

And that means everyone must have motor insurance. No “ifs”, no “buts”, no “I have diplomatic immunity/am the son of God/will have your head removed and fed to corgis for this unforgivable impertinence”. Everyone must have insurance. Full stop. That’s it. Final.

The self-evidence of this truth, however, continues to meet dogged denial in certain disreputable quarters of UK society, with the inevitable consequence that vast numbers of cars must each week be taken from insurance-premium-dodgers and put beyond use (if not redeemed by their contrite fully-insured owners within seven days) by one or other of the following means: crushage or sale at auction.

The aforementioned Ashton Gate of MIB, announced this week that “over a million uninsured vehicles have been taken off the road since police were granted powers to seize in 2005, which sends a clear message to those breaking the law: no insurance, no car.”

This very month, a two-day Met Pol swoop in London reeled in no fewer than 600 premium-dodging motors as part of “Operation Cubo” (thought to stand for Continuous Uninsured B*st*rd Offensive), with 140,000 nabbed each year around the country.

At the current rate, every vehicle now on the UK’s roads will have been seized (and/or long since rusted into oblivion) by the year 4013. And that can only be good news!



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