Bankstone News’ confusion threshold is notoriously low. No surprise then that being sent an email from BIBA’s Steve “in the afternoon” White this week sent us into convulsions of perplexity that were almost physically painful to endure.

The sender’s name appeared as Steve White ([email protected]). Is Pledger his nickname? Is he, perhaps, called that because he’s always making promises? Or is the email not really from Steve at all – but from somebody called something like Penelope Ledger or Roderick Ledge or whatever?

As if that weren’t confusing enough, the Reply-to address appears as Eric Gallbreath. What on earth is going on? Are we the victims of some elaborate act of imposture? Is some hideous deceit being practiced upon us?

Is Steve White not, after all, a straight-up guy from the posh end of Romford but some kind of composite persona concocted specifically to appeal to UK brokers with his robust, sleeves-up, down to earth professionalism?

Whoever it was really from, the email should, at least, have provided ample reassurance to anyone forking out for a BIBA membership sub that they are getting outstanding value for money. BIBA’s senior people (whoever they really are) have attended a quite staggering number of meetings and events in the past week.

The highlight was attending the Labour Party conference, at which various members of the shadowy cabinet were happy to pose for photos with Steve (if that’s who he really is) and his colleagues (possibly assuming they represented insurers rather than mere brokers).

As the accompanying photo clearly shows, Ed Millipede was much taken with BIBA’s small but optimistically entitled “manifesto” Meeting the Growth Challenge (from which his party may well be pinching a few ideas in the run up to the next election), and in no hurry at all to move on to his next meeting.



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