Bankstone News has long argued that young people are a menace and should be banned or something. Finally, it seems someone is listening.

Our new favourite newspaper, the Daily Mail (loving the lascivious “eye-popping” prurience of its celebrity bikini coverage – un-coverage, more like!), has revealed that HMG may raise the legal driving age to 18 and restrict full licenses to those over 19.

The sooner the better, we say!

Better still, recently qualified drivers may be banned from giving lifts to friends and from driving after dark – as well as facing stricter drink-drive limits (equivalent to half a pint of mild ale or one pint bitter shandy/lager top).

After passing their test, the Mail reports, individuals would be required to “pass a series of landmarks” (presumably places like Stonehenge, York Minster, the Angel of the North etc), before driving ‘unrestricted’.

The proposals will now be ‘considered’ by Transp Sec Patrick “open-minded” McGoohan and could go to formal consultation this side of Christmas.

Hopefully the powers that be will finally see sense and rid our streets of the lethal scourge of young people.

If not, we’ll just have to step up efforts to price them out of car use via ‘sky-high’ insurance premiums.



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