Regular readers will doubtless recall the recent reader survey in which we asked you to share your views on how best to take Bankstone News forward into the second triennium of the Twenty Teenies. Picking a winner was no easy task with so many thoughtful contributions to choose between, but a winner we finally succeeded in choosing and would have been announcing right now – but for the troubling and seemingly inexplicable fact that the prize has gone missing!

As you will remember, the prize in question was a luxury ultra-hi-vis tout-terrains blouson de yachtage extreme, extensively emblazoned with the exclusive Bankstone Racing insignia, and piped within an inch of its life in the instantly recognisable ‘Bankstone White’ colour that so often provides the distinctive background setting for the Bankstone logo. Without the least warning, however, said item of apparel has mysteriously done one and is currently nowhere to be found.

How, we wondered, in a near frenzy of editorial funk, can we announce a winner when our competition has no prize? The answer, of course, could be no other than: we can’t! So, alas, Mr or Mrs X of [insert name of organisation] must wait for confirmation of their triumphant entry until we have recovered the missing prize. And that, Dear Reader, is where you come in! Yes, you! Please consider this story an APB-type alert calling on all and sundry worldwide to join us in the hunt for the missing jacket.

We already have one potentially promising lead in the shape of the photograph reproduced below, which appears to show the jacket – or one very much like it – passing through Hong Kong airport. If anyone can add to this information (perhaps to confirm other sightings in Asia?) or offer any clues to the identity of the wearer (we have already ruled out Rod Hull, incidentally, as he’s dead, and, in any case, where’s that bird thing?) please write urgently to [email protected].

Your cooperation is appreciated.



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