In line with our outstanding commitment to regional coverage (i.e. stories from outside Yorkshire), Bankstone News is positively thrilled this week to venture across the country (the wrong way) and down a bit to East Staffordshire, where Burton MP Andy ‘Andrew’ Griffiths has been spreading the word among hard working locals about how the Tories are single-handedly fighting for the rights of decent hard working motorists.

Griff boasts of voting to back a “raft” of measures which, as you would expect with a raft, will be “rolled out” over coming months to ease the financial burden on decent hard working motorists in the Burton area, and, indeed, down and up the country as a whole. These include “cracking down” on whiplash, “freezing” MOT test prices, and slashing the cost (pilot scheme only) of fuel on motorway forecourts.

“Petrol is now 13p per litre cheaper than it would have been because Conservatives have cancelled the rises in fuel duty,” he announced this week to anyone who’d listen. “But there is more that can still be done,” he explained for the benefit of prematurely satisfied hard working motorists.

“That’s why” he continued, “I welcome this new package of measures to keep insurance premiums low, freeze the cost of a (sic) MOT test and make it easier to get cheaper petrol on the motorway.”

His rationale for supporting such measures is simple and persuasive. There are, he believes, two kinds of people: hard working people and people who don’t work so hard, people who, not to put too fine a point on it, are basically a parasitic drain on the dedicated wealth creation of the hard working people.

Quite clearly, you can’t run a country in the interests of all its inhabitants. That would be ridiculous. So you have to pick a side and back it all the way. Griff’s plan, and that of the party he serves, is to line up all the hard working people on one side (i.e. the ones who want to get ahead, for which they will obviously need a car) and the not so hard working people (who don’t deserve to have a car, and would probably only use it for nefarious purposes anyway) on the other, and encourage them slug it out.

“We are on the side of people who work hard and want to get on,” he says, “and these changes will make things easier for motorists in Burton.” New medical panels to vet dodgy whiplash evidence, MOT costs held down at the low-low price of just £54.85 until 2015, and temporary signs alongside the A38 showing where the cheap fuel is, PLUS some vague promises about maybe reducing the costs of taking a driving test, will all help achieve this.

And he’s not even making this up either. Top Tory cheese Chris Greything (Justice Secretary) is saying something pretty similar, adding “We are turning the tide on the compensation culture and helping hardworking people by tackling high insurance levels and other motoring costs.”

Ah yes, insurance levels… We know all about those, don’t we Readers!




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