Another week brings yet more hilarious YouTub footage of crazy crash for cash capers. On this occasion, Bankstone News is indebted to Feet News, the journal of choice for commercial vehicle operators everywhere for pointing us in the direction of a short film in which a lorry is driven along a busy dual carriageway at 50mph until… suddenly, the car in front slows to a halt, the lorry stops, and some other vehicle (unseen) rear-ends the POV vehicle, said course of events causing our driver to exclaim first “Are you ….ing nuts?” and then “AAAAaaaaaouooough!!!”

Little suspecting that the POV cab might be fitted with a patent Eyespan camera supplied by the Vehicles Group (or indeed the more subtle point that a commercial goods vehicle might not be the most intelligent form of motorised transportation in front of which to brake suddenly), the driver of the abruptly stopping blue Peugeot initially maintained that the collision was entirely our driver’s fault. But, thanks to the unique Eyespam camera supplied by the Vehicle Group, truth won out and another would-be C4C bandit was sent packing!

Vehicle Group person Elliot Guff told Feet News that with C4C action at an all time high, “the video goes to show not just the financial gain but also the safety of the driver in the event of a staged accident,” which it probably does, at some point, but we only watched it quickly and may have dozed off during that bit.

At any rate, it is certainly reassuring to learn that the Eyescab camera supplied by the Vehicle Group “gives enough clarity for a business to make out vehicle registrations” and provides “a detailed insight into the true causes of accidents.”

Fortunately, it seems it is also fitted with automatic expletive deletion capabilities soundtrack-wise.

In the meantime, Bankstone News looks forward to viewing many more such action-parked C4C videos on YouTuba, regretting only that the UK still has someway to go before we can boast footage of a standard to rival these DashCam dramas from Russialand.

Safari - ▶ Eyescan camera shows clear 'Crash for Cash' scam - YouTube


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