Not content with winning everybody else’s awards (see Bankstone News passim), Bankstone’s good friends ARAG have begun giving themselves awards. A three-strong team from the firm’s Bristol offices recently travelled to Germany to pick up the coveted ARAG AWARD in the prestigious International Subsidiaries category.

Pictured below is Udoyon Bhaduri (resplendent in the firm’s distinctive yellow and black corporate glasses, which he got to wear for the night) collecting the award from TV’s Mr Selfridge (yes, him again – see last week’s Bankstone story for details). Udy, as everyone knows him (except when they are knowing him as Udi or UD or, just occasionally, Udoyon), was presented with a miniature ice sculpture in the shape of a Linden Tree bud.

The Linden is, of course, the totemic emblem of the city of Dusseldorf and the ARAG corporate tree, as well as being the famous “tree of lovers” of Germanic folklore, and, notoriously, the tree from which a single leaf attached itself to the hero Siegfried when bathing in dragon’s blood, leaving him, like Achilles in Greek legend, with a single spot on his body in which he was not invulnerable.

How had Udie and his colleagues come to beat off a number of their international colleagues from Austria and U.S.A. to clinch this exulted accolade? Why, merely by dramatically curtailing the need for processing duplication in the interface between ARAG and solicitors via its widely lauded gOATway system. The Bristolians wowed judges with a tongue twistingly entitled entry, Cutting key strokes key to cutting cost.

Hats off to Udee and his colleagues Mike Knight, Ben Clarkson and James Morgan for a cost and key stroke cutting stroke of genius that’s clearly a cut above.

arag prize winners

UDee (left) accepts the coveted ice statuette from TV’s Mr Shellfish


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