Huw Edwards, cuddly and avuncular director in general of Associated Brutish Insurers (ABI), proved himself an unsurpassed master in the art of stacking point upon point as he treated a rapt congregation of the converted to one of the most memorable and rousing orations ever directed at the issues of pointyness, criticality, equilibrium and motor insurance at the prestigious Motor Claims Event hosted this week by Posts Magazine.

Disavowing any vestige of counterfeit, withholding, or dissemblance in the exposition of his innermost reflections and beliefs, Huw insisted that “I genuinely think of 2014 as being a critical year, because it’s a tipping point year on lots of crucial points that matter to the industry.”

Huw issued a stark challenge to his insurer audience, warning that in 2014 their “performance will be under scrutiny on claims performance, pricing performance and customer [insert dramatic rhetorical pause] service.”

He stressed that the time has now come for insurers to make their voices heard, and to ’engage openly and honestly with policymakers’ (something to do with lobbying, presumably) in this critical year of crucial-point tipping points.

Identifying the key political issues of 2014 as motor insurance, the cost of living, motor insurance, ‘an increased focus on the consumer’ and motor insurance, Huw pointed out that, as long as insurers keep having to pay out all these claims, the standard of living enjoyed by decent ordinary UK motorists will inevitably remain depressed.

“Unless volumes of claims are reduced,” Huw said, stopping diplomatically short of calling for a complete ban, “it will be more difficult to produce some of the cost savings that we would like to see.”

The sooner politicians start to pick up on this message the better, we say here at Bankstone News!


Click on image above for explanatory AV presentation.


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