(Modern Law) Walks beside me, (Modern Law) Walks on by, (Modern Law) Gets me to the court on time, (Court on Time) terrifies me, (Court on Time) makes me party, (Court on Time) Hoots mon, trust in Gordon Brown, (Gordon Brown) No confessions, (Gordon Brown) No religion, (Gordon Brown) Don’t believe in Modern Law.

So sang Sir David Jones-Bowie back in the day (we think, though we have yet to hear it on Memorex), and, whilst Gordon Brown may since have come and gone, Modern Law is still very much with us.

Oh yes, Modern Law (Walks beside me) [stop that] is alive and (despite HMG’s best efforts) still feebly kicking, and apparently holding “very informative” conferences in places like London’s Linkin’s Inn Fields, with “balanced speakers” and such like.

That’s according to Rachel Stow of Bankstone’s good mates Thorneycrofts Solicitors, who’s just been to one such event. Rachel reports that she got a great deal out of the Modern Law conference. In particular, she got this lively and colourful caricature, which we thought you might like to see.

So here it is:



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