Fairer Finance, the comparison site for comparison sites and the firms you find on them, has this week pilloried insurers for issuing terms and conditions documents longer (and harder to follow) than George Orwell’s (admittedly quite short) allegorical novel Animal Farm.

Endsleigh, Sheila Squeals and Esure all achieved a dismal 2% transparency score (that’s fully 14% more opaque than squid ink) with documents that came in at over 30,000 words each (easily a good day’s reading for the average person). FF MD James “JD” Daley argues that any insurer who can’t say what needs saying in 7,000 words simply isn’t trying hard enough.

Either that or perhaps their interminable long-windedness is predicated in some way or other upon what might not altogether inconceivably be construed in a certain light by those with the requisite predisposition to interpret the written output of corporate entities in such a way as a potentially rather telling indication of what one might, should one so choose, be more than slightly tempted to view as a somewhat compromised or certainly less than fully acted upon commitment to complete and unequivocal clarity of communication.

All of which would be a bit of an issue, of course, if policyholders ever actually tried to read those Ts&Cs.



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