If Bankstone News were the sort of publication that wasted everyone’s time with fatuously puerile jokes about the names of people and organisations, we would probably be having a field day with the news that big yellow insurance company Uvavu has appointed David Lovely, formerly SVP Global Claims with Ace in the US, as its new claims director.

Thank goodness, then, that we are not.

Let’s face it, directing claims is hard enough without some idiot making a big deal about the fact that you happen to have an adjective denoting comeliness for a surname.

Difficult though it may be to resist mentally cross-referencing an individual’s personal appearance and qualities with any expectations (literal or ironic) enconjured by their name, resist any self-respecting news organ clearly must! Although, to judge by photographic likenesses accessible online, the frankly rather hunky Mr Lovely would clearly not have suffered too badly from any such comparison had we stooped to make it.

Nor, of course, would we deem to conject idly as to whether Mr Lovely lives up to his name as fully on the inside as without. Although, again, the evidence provided by his quote in the Uvavu press release would very much appear to suggest that he would indeed be found to do so. “I am excited,” he affirms disarmingly, “to be taking on the challenge of leading a team which delivers world class claims capability.”

Whilst stressing that Bankstone News is resolutely opposed to taking part in any such dissection, all the evidence, for what it’s worth, would seem to indicate that, whichever way one sliced him, David would turn out to embody fully the qualities invoked by his second name.

All of which is surely great news for anybody planning to make a claim against an Uvavu policy.



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