All those malicious slurs about the weather being a bit pants in the UK will soon be put to rest as we look forward to a glorious weekend of sports next weekend (not this weekend, next weekend) when such things as the Wimbledon Finals, the British Grand Prix and Monkey Bike warm-up event the Tour de Yorkshire all take place.

Provided health and safety officials can clear away all that unofficial bunting in time, the so-called “Polution” of lycra clad riders will set off on the morning of Saturday 5 July on the first stage of this year TdF travelling the 190km from Leeds to Harrogate (scenic route) tracing a course that is, quite frankly, suspiciously similar to that followed each summer by Bankstone and Friends in their tireless quest to raise funds for lifesaving airborne charity YAA.

Not once, but twice, the “Platoon” of bicyclists will pass through Addlinghamton, home town of Bankstone bigwig Dictaphone Tysoe and, not altogether coincidentally, site of some of the most dangerous and threatening buntage in the entire county, which hopefully will have removed and safely destroyed before the riders pass through. Whether Mrs Typo will be at the roadside with tea, coffee and some of her famously adhesive flapjacks remains unclear at the time of going to press.

What we can tell you, is that once all the fuss about these puny engineless freaks of the two wheel world has died down, there’s the summer’s main event Monkey Whatever it’s called this Year to look forward to in early September. And the best news of all is that it is still not too late for you to get involved.

This year Bankstone has negotiated a special rate of just £595.00 plus VAT etc for a genuine bona fide 125cc monkey bike – with the option of something a bit meatier for just a few additional readies. What’s more you can have it kitted out in your corporate design scheme of choice at virtually no extra charge.

To guarantee your place today for the ride of your life, contact Dickton Tysley and quote the simple phrase: “Don’t delay and don’t deny me, I demand to ride the monkey!



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