Bankstone News is sorry to have to say this, but your response, Dear Readers, to last week’s picture competition was frankly laughable.

Not one of the dozen or so guesses sent in came anywhere near identifying the driver of the very dirty vehicle pictured.

You are going to have to do better than that if you hope to clinch the coveted top prize in this never-to-be-repeated chance-of-a-lifetime type competition. But fear not: you still can!

Because it’s a bit hot, there’s ice-cold premium lager waiting for us down at the Badgers, and we can’t think what else to write about this week, we are offering you a second chance.

Reproduced below are the hands of the person pictured last week (kind of) driving the dirty car.

We have pixelated them to protect the innocent, but eagle-eyed readers may still discern enough to make a positive identification.

Remember, though, we have already told you that the driver is a man.

Maybe it’s, a man who plays golf… or one who thinks he does, at least.

Can you tell, as Dear old Uncle Rolf used to ask*, who it is yet?!


*That is when he wasn’t saying things like “Let me Abos go loose, Bruce. They’re of no further use.”


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