Oh for heaven’s sake, what is the matter with you people?! Since nobody has correctly guessed the identity of the mystery dirty car driver in the two previous rounds of our exciting “guess the dirty car driver” competition, Bankstone News is obviously going to have to make it a bit easier for you.

What you probably need to nudge you, politely but firmly, a little further down the path to enlightenment is some live-action video footage of the mystery driver doing his thing. Better yet: some video footage posted on a YouTube channel belonging to a user whose name might just prove suggestive to you, Dear Reader, of the correct answer to our competition.

If you can’t get it after watching this, then frankly you don’t deserve to win our unspecified and possibly non-existent prize.

No offence. Not trying to be funny or anything. But you really don’t, though, do you.

Safari - Welsh Hill Rally 2014 incar stage 6 - YouTube copy

Click on the image above to feel mildly nauseous.


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