As renowned sixth century BC philosopher and sage Confucius (not to be confused with the short-lived similarly-named avatar of comparison site once sagely remarked (How else would he remark it?) “Only the fool declares his own intelligence.”

This was only one of many remarks attributed to the leading teacher of the Hundred Schools of Thought era, most of which he never said, some of which are inscrutable to the point of unintelligibility, a few of which may now and then seem apt enough to quote.

His thoughts on self-proclaimed intelligence inevitably spring to mind when contemplating the press materials of “vehicle-to-business technology” outfit In-Car Cleverness, whose knowingly jokey name but ill obscures a distinct whiff of hubris.

Be that as it may, ICC had some very exciting news to impart this week, with official confirmation at last that it has signed up its 100th rental operator since entering the market earlier this year and that it is making “very healthy in-roads into the sector”.

Bankstone News feels sure its readers will be quick to agree this is very exciting news indeed for the firm whose corporate video explains that it is not about telematics, and that it talks to cars, putting them at the epicentre of something or other, to unlock all their cleverness.

Very exciting indeed. So if you are a rental operator and you don’t want people doing stuff in your your vehicles that you don’t know about, why not consider talking to the folks at ICC and taking them one step closer to that exciting 200th customer press release?


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