More observant readers can scarcely have failed to notice that Bankstone News is rapidly achieving a breadth of media penetration that can only be described is really quite substantial.

Not content with contributing a hard-hitting no-nonsense ‘thought’ piece on the forthcoming UK Independence vote to the august pages of Insurance Age (click here to read), Bankstone News also went quite literally nationwide this month with a lavish spread across the tail end of IP.

IP, readers of a certain age will doubtless be aware, when it is not too busy designating ‘intellectual puppetry’ or something, can only possibly stand for one thing. That thing, not to belabour excessively any circumlocutory bushes, is Insurance People i.e. the leading journal of record for those in the know in the world of broking, insuring, and UK insuranceness generally.

In his regular must-read Kerouac-inspired ‘On the Road’ feature, IP editor Andrew Numan this month argues (click here to read) that Bankstone News is either a kettle or a jug, which, for all we know, may very well be true, although his argument was a little hard to follow in places.

At any event, the world, it seems, has finally gotten wind of Bankstone News. And what a sweet aroma that must seem, amidst the tedious reliability and factuality of so much insurance coverage today.

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