“I’m always on the lookout for more cars,” Southport-based Harley Street physician Mr Titus Odedun told the Southport Visiter recently, “though it’s difficult to find places to park them all!”

The proud owner of 28 classic cars, all of them roadworthy, recently landed in a spot of bother when vengeful solicitors Harwich Ferry put the kybosh on his lucrative career as a provider of medical reports in support of personal injury claims.

Having harboured suspicions for a number of years, Harwich Ferry decided to check out Mr O’s medical credentials and discovered they were not exactly as represented by the Nigerian-born medico-legal entrepreneur and vintage car enthusiast.

After Harwich Ferry associate Mickey Rimmer presented a “comprehensive dossier” of evidence to a Medical Practitioners Tribunal Service (“Muppets”) Fitness to Practice hearing last month, Mr O was found to have “deliberately misrepresented his medical experience and membership of professional bodies under oath and in the medical reports he supplied” and has subsequently been struck off the Medical Register.

The Muppets hearing found that Mr Rhododendron’s conduct “amounts to persistent dishonesty and an abuse of his position as an expert”, a position which itself might now be open to question.

To see billionaire surgeon Titus Addendum interviewed on the Princess Halliday show, get a tour of his luxury home, and learn how he rose from a 10 year old apprentice mechanic in Nigeria to a discredited medical expert in the UK, click here.


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