Drivers quite literally won’t know what’s hit them once new road laws come into force during 2015. That’s the shocking claim from pet foods to driving tips outfit IAMS.

They have no idea, IAMS sighs wearily. A whacking great raft of legislation is set to crack down on everything from driving licenses, to speed limits, to driving round out of your brain on drugs.

As of March this year, motoring under the influence of cannabis, cocaine, diazepam, methadone and morphine became a big no-no, law-of-the-land wise.

IAMs has learned that the police have already done around 1,000 people for drug-driving – qualifying them for a massive one year ban, six months in the slammer, and a criminal record. (The drug fiends not the police, that is). (Or IAMS, for that matter).

Plus, also: watch out for hurtling HGVs. The Government’s brought in crazy new laws empowering them to speed. That’s right, the HGV limit’s up from 40 to 50mph on single carriageways and from 50 to 60mph on dual ones. Better wise up quick, if you haven’t heard about that one already.

You may have heard that paper licences are out, and all your penalty points will be stored online like club card points or air miles or something. But did you also know you’ll soon be able to ‘make a plea’ online whenever you’re charged with speeding, failing to identify an offending driver, and/or driving without insurance? That might sound convenient – but what if your computer blows up or a bear eats your keyboard or something?!

Also if you are caught driving a lorry in London without a first aid kit you could soon find yourself issued with a £50 penalty under the so-called safer lorry scheme. And if you’re caught smoking children in your car after 1 October you can expect to face the full force of penalties to be announced closer to the time.

IAMs chief executive officer Sarah Sillies says: “This year has seen some of the biggest changes in motoring procedures we have ever seen. It is very important drivers and riders are fully up-to-date on what is happening.”

And, you know what, she has a point there, Readers!


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