Or testimate? If that’s a word.

Basically, we need some more testimonials for the soon-to-be-launched new website of our glorious sponsors, leading UK motor insurance claims handling professionals, Bankstones of Brighouse.

Not that they don’t have any. They have some very nice ones, as it so happens. But someone’s gone and designed them a web site that has room for lots more. So…

You could simply complete the following easy-to-use auto-testimonial.

“I, [insert name], think Bankstone are great because they’re really nice and good at professionally handling claims and that.”

Or you could be a bit more imaginative and recognise that featuring as a testimonialiser on the new Bankstone website presents an outstanding PR opportunity for you and your company, and you could write something like the following:

“As managing director of Crudwright & Son, Keighley’s premier purveyor of luxury breaded deep-fry dormice, I have always found Bankstones a pleasure to deal with – so much so that I have been so bold as to approach them on several occasions on the entirely spurious premise of having some claims for them to handle in a professional manner. As is their wont.”

See what we did there! Contributing a testimonial to the much-respected widely-read website of Bankstones of Brighouse gives you the flexibility to blow your own trumpet. And, let’s face it, that’s the kind of flexibility not to be sniffed at.

So why not get cracking and fire off your self-promotional testimonials to [email protected]


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