This week’s story about Bankstone has inexplicably gone missing.

As a result we are being forced, for possibly the first time ever, to leave this space completely blank.

Perhaps you could use it for making notes or something.

Or just enjoy the daring use of white space.







There have been suggestions that the disappearance or, strictly speaking non-appearance, of this week’s Bankstone story may be related to the fact that the Bankstone News team are currently away on one of their mysterious all-expenses paid trips to the Cayman Islands and are even now strolling nonchalantly up and down some sun soaked white sand beach wearing an eccentric combination of battered straw hats, shades, and horribly cheap ill-fitting suits, with heavy suitcases clutched in their sweaty hands.

We feel sure this cannot be correct.

Perhaps there’ll be a proper story next week.


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