Common human decency is under existential threat right here in the UK. Young people and men are losing even the most tenuous of connections to qualities like honesty, integrity, and consideration for their fellow citizens.

There is nothing 34% of those aged between 18 and 24 like better than denting or scratching some innocent unattended vehicle, then driving off chuckling at the thought of once again ‘getting away with it’.

That’s according to headline-grabbing new research from who interrogated no fewer than 1,057 people. Many of the vicious young sociopaths referred to above openly bragged about ‘feeling no shame’.

1,057 out of 1,057 drivers questioned said they had caused damage by driving into a stationery car (presumably not the same car). Some fessed up (e.g. by leaving a loosely attached hand written note including their phone number – often with fewer than two digits randomly altered).

But one in five brazenly confessed to being “bump and run bandits”, “bang-skedaddlers”, or “scratch ’n’ scrammers” as such villains are now being called i.e. they pranged up someone’s stationery motor then scarpered without the slightest pang of conscience.

Men are worse than women, the survey found. No fewer than 28% of men admitted to “denting and doing one” compared with just 16% of women (and them mostly the youngest and most immoral ones).

What lies behind this rampant bad behaviour? Do today’s young people, like Raskolnikov, suspect themselves of being rather special and so believe they “have a right to commit any crime, to transgress the law in any way, just because they are extraordinary”?

Or are do they simply have no shame?


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