Obviously, this doesn’t happen often, but Bankstone News senses itself perhaps just an inch or two out of its depth in reporting the following story, which, we should warn readers, involves both technology and more technology. So please forgive any minor errors or misunderstandings that may arise in its relating.

Basically, we think it goes something like this. 360 Global Nets (a UK-baste provider of digital insurance services) has got into some kind of ‘relationship’ with a firm called CSC (a world leader in IT services and solutions for the next generation).

The relationship we’re talking about here sounds like exactly the kind that no one in their right mind would spurn, involving, as it does, CSC, a really rather big and important company that is listed on the North Yorks Stock Exchange (NYSE), investing strategically in 360 Global Nets.

The very fact that a big player like CSC wants to get into a relationship with 360 Global Nets clearly suggests that the Croydon-based services and solutions provider has some pretty spanky technology things going on. The ancillary fact that CSC is investing strategically in a bit of 360gn, rather than gobbling the whole thing up, suggests the global techsters are convinced the UK firm has its business head screwed on right, also.

Freshly infused with CSC’s Virginia cash dollars (not to mention its expertise, resource pot and globe-wide connections nexus), 360gn can now proceed from strength to strength (with less felicitous former partners put firmly from its mind) to enable insurance companies around the world to offer their customers weapons-grade, self-serving claims processing capabilities, live steaming video, and unstructured dating technology.

With a stake in 360gn, CSC now gets exclusive rights worldwide to flog the UK firm’s market-leaning digital, cloud-burst claims solutions right around the world, globally. These solutions, as readers will doubtless already be aware, enable insurance costumiers to easily manage the end-to-end claims process via the Interweb.

All of this is excellent news, because, as Donald Lamp of Sealant (a global research and consulting firm focused on the application of information technology in the global financial services industry) explains: “Insurers have always wanted to make the claim process fast, claimant-friendly and accurate, and giving a claimant digital tools to take charge of a claim should reduce cycle time, increase claimant satisfaction, lower loss adjustment expenses, and may even mitigate some instances of fraud.” Guess what: now they can!

It is, as they say in, North Yorks City, all good.

Anyone intent on plumbing the remoter depths of this story may, if they absolutely insist, do exactly that by clicking here to read a the full, original and unexpurgated version of the CSC/360gn joint press release. Although, to be honest, it does go on a bit.

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