When Bankstone News sees the words ‘trans’ and ‘actor’ in the same place at the same time, it usually means we’re leafing idly through some crumpled old mag we picked up on the bus, where they most likely appear together in some ‘must-skip’ article about Eddie Redmayne in The Danish Grill (applause), Benedict Bumberclart in Zoolander 2 (controversy), Dominic West in Swedish Girl’s Sensitive Adventures in Comedy Fashionland (crudely derivative cash-in attempt) or Damian Lewis in pantomime (‘Dame-ian’s Decline’). But not this time.

This time, the words trans and actor came together to grace a very interesting story about how insurance softwares provisioner Transactor Global Solutions Limited, or TGSL as we shall hereinafter be calling them, (it’s pronounced Toogsle, btw) is stepping in to support a new telematics app from insurance provider Adrian Flux that gives drivers some powerful tools with which to cut the cost of their car cover.

Named Fluxscore, the new app is mostly intended for younger drivers, who tend to be more tech savvy, more accustomed to sharing every detail of their tawdry lives with all and sundry via interweb, and, frankly, more desperate to reduce their sky-high insurance premiums at any cost short of pretending that their car is actually their parents’ (of which they would never dream, being as it is illegal etc.)

In using GPS and so forth to monitor driver behaviour, Fluxscore is clearly not alone. Its killer move is telling users every day how much their premium has gone up or down depending on their daily driving data. Basically it’s like a fitbit for your motor: a powerful stats-driven motivator for personal reform and improvement, safe driving wise.

Flux man Gerry Bucke says Fluxscore is ‘an exciting new initiative’ for his organisation and that he is ‘delighted with the results so far’ which have reduced the premiums the firm receives from most its users every month.

By making a game out of driving, it seems, the TGSL supported app has finally cracked the age-old problem of how to get youngsters to drive less like heedless great imbeciles.

With results like these under their belts (or wherever they keep such things), Flux and TGSL are looking to work together on further initiatives, news of which Bankstone News will be sure to bring you just as soon as we become aware of them.

There’s basically loads of stuff TGSL can do for folks in the telemasticated motor insurance game, as TGSL insurer relations man Simon Macray explains: “There are a number of ways we can support telematics policies, from help with underwriting and rating to full integration with other “black box” service providers. We’re seeing impressive growth from the sector with unit sales across our two key implementations now approaching 10,000 per month. As we continue to develop new technologies and integrations we are looking for more partners to work with in this space.”

You’re probably thinking that’s quite a long and faithfully reported quote by Bankstone News’ usual deplorable standards. And, for once, you may actually be right!

Screen Shot 2016-05-09 at 13.59.36

Game over!


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