The masthead slogan of top insurance new title Insurance Aches, from which Bankstone News pilfered the following story, proclaims pithily “Serving the Insurance Broking Community”. Which is more than can be said for establishment tool Lord Hut of Whirl, so-called chairman of the (supposedly) British Insurance Broker’s Association.

In a base and duplicitous attempt to subvert the legitimate democratic process, Lord Hut has this week been attempting to deceive the decent and generous spirited people of Britain into betraying their country by voting to Remain in thrall to unelected Eurobureaucrats.

Alluding to the “plethora” of “claims and counter claims” put forward in the debate, Lord Hut, claims that some of these claims and counterclaims are “clearly unsupported by the available evidence.” As our analysis below clearly shows, he must be talking about himself there!

“I am firmly in the ‘remain camp’,” he confesses, before trotting out a seemingly endless tirade of exactly the kind of unfounded propaganda you would expect from a leading member of a Europhile ring.

Let’s look at his so-called arguments for voting Remain, and see how well they stand up.

Hut’s claim: A Remain vote will be good for “peace and prosperity”.

FACT: This is fanciful nonsense. In reality, leaving the EU at once (and handing power to decent upstanding patriots) is the only thing that will be good for the inventive and generous spirited people of this country.

Hut’s claim: Britain needs to be “engaged in Europe” at a “dangerous time” for the world.

FACT: The only “danger” is people like Hut who want to keep the glorious and generous spirited people of Britain on their knees while foreigners have big offices and ride around in limousines.

Hut’s claim: “Remaining in the EU would be a vote for business stability over uncertainty.”

FACT: It would be a vote for cheese and garlic and straight bananas – and for foreigners to continue flooding to our shores until the national pie is entirely eaten up.

Hut’s claim: Voting Remain would “stimulate investment and boost confidence that we will be able to continue to trade freely under the EU freedom of services provision.”

FACT: Voting Remain will condemn us to year after year of desolate misery and paying for things we don’t want and don’t get any benefit from. Only voting Leave will usher in a golden age of national sovereignty in which a shining belief in the optimism and resilience of Britain’s generous spirited people will protect us forever from the dark forces of globalisation and reality.

What’s more

And it’s not just Hut who’s at it. Some sinister cabal of “experts” at (Hut’s employers) BIBA have somehow brain-washed its executive into publishing its own list of spurious reasons for remaining. So let’s take a look at those as well.

BIBA’s claim: “A British exit from the EU would be disadvantageous to the insurance broking sector.”

FACT: Utter tosh! What would be disadvantageous to the insurance broking sector would be if brokers had to look their families in the eye and tell them: yes, I sold my country out because I listened to “experts” and put the love of money before the love of our glorious nation. 

BIBA’s claim: A Leave vote would cause “uncertainty for businesses, leading to an adverse impact on investment, customer groups and the insurance market overall.”

FACT: Pure fantasy! BIBA has been wrong before and it is wrong again about this.

BIBA’s claim: If we leave the EU “the existing system of insurance companies ‘passporting’ into the UK could cease, potentially leading to a serious reduction in choice for UK consumers.”

FACT: Everything will be fine. Better in fact.

BIBA’s claim: A leave vote “would seriously damage the ability of brokers to place business on behalf of clients domiciled elsewhere within the EU.”

FACT: What would seriously damage brokers would be voting Remain!

BIBA’s claim: “Brokers need to be able to write suitable policies – and the EU freedom of services provision is highly beneficial.”

FACT: Everything will be perfect after we leave the EU.

BIBA’s claim: “Europe provides access to a far larger pool of skills and knowledge than the UK alone, which is of great value.”

FACT: Europe can keep its skills and knowledge. We don’t need any of them. Everything is going to be great.

Simple as that!

Crossing out Lies and writing Truth on a blackboard.

Crossing out Lies and writing Truth on a blackboard.


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