Bankstone’s Chief Excess Officer Dylan Thigh-Stoat has thrown his not inconsiderable weight behind an exciting regional charity initiative branded Flat Cap Friday.

The event, to be held on one or more of any of the Fridays falling in March this year, aims to raise money for charity Brian Tumour Research and Support (BTRS) by requiring participants to sport traditional Yorkshire headgear.

BTRS fundraising tsarina Sorrell Coulson says that Fat Cap Friday celebrates “the amazing brain tumour research” that is going on in Yorkshire. “If we all wear our caps on together,” she says, “we can make a huge difference.”

To support this inspiring initiative, Dylan has decreed that all Bankstone staff shall wear flat cats at all times throughout March, just to make sure they’ll have them in place whenever the relevant Friday happens to fall.

In so doing, he hopes to raise “a fair few bob” for “a thoroughly deserving cause” and also, hopefully, to reduce staff absences due to head colds, whilst at the same time enabling the heating to be turned down a couple of notches, thus reducing overheads.

Further details will be revealed in a future edition of Bankstone News.

In the meantime, we leave you with this artist’s impression of Mr T sporting his charity flat camp.



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