As the our glorious homeland continues merrily along the Brexit-Scotexit-Nixit-Walejexit path, many core national institutions will find themselves in need of a name change. One that won’t is the good old Bank of England.

We say good old, but is it? Is it, really? Good, that is. Not old, which it clearly is. Because it seems to Bankstone News that there are many reasons on account of which it just might be that good is not best word for the so-called BoE.

Not only is it positively stuffed with… (just give us a second to stretch-slap on a pair of old Marigolds, wrinkle our dainty nose, and hold the word at arm’s length)… “experts”, but also it was the bad old BoE that tried to derail the whole Eurexodus project by pretending there would be some kind Brexaggedon if we rose up as one to overthrow the Libtard Elite.

Not content with that vile deception, it was BoE too – immediately after it lost the referendum – that cut interest rates and pumped the economy so full of quantitative easement that the rapidly rising inflation we are seeing now was the inevitable result (and nothing whatsoever to do with the falling purchasing power of Sterling, which needed some adjustment anyway).

So, yeah, plenty of reasons not to love the B0E. So perhaps you won’t be too surprised to learn that Mark Carnage and his cronies have been up to their old tricks again: baking up another rotten batch of doomsaying nonsense pies. The latest cod-prophecy unleashed by the so-called Old Lady of Threatenevil Street is that self-driving cars are somehow going to decimate the motor insurance sector.

That’s right, according to the B%E, the UK motor insurance market will contract by between 21 and 41% over the next 20 years, because driverless cars will account for four out of every five cars sold by the year 2040. This from the same people who claimed that Brexit would be bad for the UK and make everyone who wasn’t already a millionaire poorer!

When “experts” come out with this kind of scaremongering idiocy, you can always be sure they’re up to something. Bankstone News has yet to work out exactly what they’re up to this time. But it’ll be something, alright. You can take that to the bank (not the BoE, obviously) and bet your bottom on it.

It might be something to do with tricking insurers in to some kind of partnership, because BoE says that “in order to succeed in the age of driverless cars” insurers need to “increasingly rely on partnerships with technology firms and manufacturers.” Uh-huh. Is that right?!

Why would they want to do that when they have a perfectly good partnership already with a government which, quite frankly, looks well placed to last at least another thousand years?

So thanks for sharing, B0E, but you can take your self-serving self-driving ‘advice’ and stick it in your deepest darkest vault.


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